Spiritual Development and Wellbeing Centre

Linda Leaning

Linda Leaning croppedLinda was born in Northamptonshire England, she has lived in beautiful New Zealand for 11 years. Linda had her own Gym where she did personal training and a clinic where she administered treatments for sports injuries, massage and reflexology, she has been a Reiki Master and after having a ‘spiritual life changing experience’ has been teaching Reiki for 16 years Linda trained as a Crystal Healing Therapist with the Spiritual Venture Association and has created her own Crystal Healing Course ‘Crystal Radiance’ which is certified course over three levels. Linda has studied Astrology for 13 years and hosts workshops and creates Birth Charts. Linda is a Graduate of the ‘Awakening Your Light Body’ course created by Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman, courses will be available in 2017.

Linda has an Aura Video Station, where you can see your Aura live on screen and get a Aura Reading.