Spiritual Development and Wellbeing Centre

Nick Poa

Nick PoaKo Tainui te waka

Ko Rangitoto te maunga

Ko Waipa te awa

Ko Rereahu te iwi

Ko Nicholas Poa toku ingoa

Kia ora my name is Nick and I am one of the lead practioners here at the centre.

I was born a Matakite ‘seer’ and have journeyed with my gift all my life.

I am passionate about the revitalization and retention of traditional maori healing practises and the application of these techniques in a modern day society.

My core philosophy is to guide, empower and support people to a place of self-realization of the healer that lies within.

My path has lead me to acknowledge the presence of God in my life, my journey ahead is to weave the inifinite giftings that reside in all people together into a unified collective approach to the restoration of health and wellbeing.

Kotahi te kōwhao o te ngira e kuhuna ai te miro mā,

te miro pango me te miro whero

There is but one eye of the needle through which the white thread,

the black thread and the red thread traverse – Kingi Potatau Te WheroWhero